Novavax’s COVID-19 Vaccine

Novavax created the fourth COVID-19 vaccine that could be available in the US this year.  This vaccine is reported to be a two-dose regimen and is highly effective out of all other US vaccines during the clinical trial.  Novavax is seeking FDA approval and authorization while in the third quarter of their testing.

Novavax is in their third phase that began in December 2020.  During the clinical trial in phase 3; data has shown that this vaccine is 100% effective towards moderate and severe coronavirus infection and 93% effective against other variants. Most side effects include fatigue, headache and muscle pain lasting for about two days after initial shot.

Novavax is working as fast as they can to complete regulatory submissions and deliver the vaccine to the world that is still in desperate need for vaccines.  Their plan is to produce 100 million vaccines each month by the end of the third quarter; and 150 million vaccines per month by the end of the year.

In trial of the Novavax vaccine, within the US and Mexico almost 30,000 adults volunteered throughout 119 sites.  Only 14 cases contracted COVID-19 and all were defined as mild. Novavax gathered a diverse population for the testing, to receive the most feedback as possible.  Novavax has tested on patients 65 and older and is now currently testing on patients from the ages 12-17.

Novavax is in hopes that their vaccine will be granted for an emergency authorization that will be offered in the US later this year. Read the full article published by to learn more 

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