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The Identifier System

Our data management system is designed for evaluating product defect issues along with providing training and guidance on particulate matter control, optimized inspection and 21CFR part 11 compliant electronic particulate and physical container/closure defect tracking systems. Focusing on Parenteral, Ophthalmic and medical device manufacturing to achieve a robust product lifecycle knowledge and control basis.

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Some facts

percent of parenteral drug recalls were due to particulate matter and critical defects
percent of particle recalls in parenteral drugs were glass
Product producers assisted with QA guidance provided by R. Cherris with Bridge Associates Consulting
Visual Inspection and particulate control books sold co-authored by R.Cherris

Our solutions focus on sterile, parenteral and ophthalmic products

Parenteral product dosage forms continue to represent the majority of all US market recalls for product deficiencies detected by visual inspection.

our focus

InQuest Science solutions focus on particulate matter and physical defects. Particulate matter contamination continues to represent a majority of all US market recalls.