About Us

Current market trends establish a product need. Drug recalls have been steadily increasing since 2014. Products containing undeclared drug ingredients or particulate matter have been the most common reason for recalls since 2009.

Inquest science exclusivity

Today there is not an integrated expert system or relational software database available. Inquest Science has developed a software package that integrates a functional product life cycle approach that will allow companies to review complete product information from raw materials to finished product.

SINCE 2018

InQuest Science LLC was established to develop and provide particulate matter, product defect trending and life cycle data management solutions for the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Health Care Industries.

our mission

Provide the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Health Care Industries a modern electronic approach to process defect data management, and facilitate evaluation of each product batch before distribution to patients.


The Identifier System is applicable to all pharma as well as CMOs, CROs, defect standards producers and particulate ID labs. Transforming non-compliant spreadsheet storage into 21st century database management.

why choose us


On a yearly basis each pharmaceutical producer recalls at least one or more batches of product due to particulate matter or critical defects. Minimum values range from $100,000 - $10,000,000 per batch.


The current process of manually collating data from many sources for trending, establishing limits, and monitoring is extremely time consuming and typically not compliant to current FDA requirements.

Accuracy and assurance

For the past 50 years the trending and monitoring of critical defect data from testing, inspecting, and training is scattered across multiple departments in paper based forms and home grown databases.


The Identifier System is compliant to 21CFR part 11 that integrates key process upstream and downstream data into a single information source available to all involved departments across an organization.

Industry Approach

The FDA is continuously driving the pharmaceutical and medical device industries to control particulate matter and physical defects closer to zero tolerance levels.


The Identifier System is the only 21CFR Part 11 compliant solution that integrates defect control and monitoring activities across all functional departments.


The Identifier System supports the USP<1790> guideline on Visual Inspection for regulatory compliance.


The Identifier System will significantly improve informed product acceptance or rejection decisions. Being the first to fill the monitoring gap.

our team

  • Anthony Amato
    Chief Executive Officer

    Mr. Amato founded InQuest Science in March of 2017. He founded Amega Scientific Corporation in 1999. He grew the company from a start up operation to a world wide industry leader..

  • Roy Cherris
    Chief Science Officer

    Mr. Cherris has over 40 years of Quality Assurance experience. He is a founding member and Managing Partner of Bridge Associates International. He is an expert in the field of visual inspection..

  • Jeff Marino
    Chief Technology Officer

    Mr Marino runs a successful software consultancy, BaSys Tech Services. He began his career in the pharmaceutical industry in 1993 building vision and barcode inspection systems..

  • Maggie Schwanda
    Director of Business Operations

    Ms. Schwanda was the Director of Business Operations for Amega Scientific Corporation. She was responsible for the groups global business development..

  • Elise Chepurny
    VP, Product Development

    Ms. Chepurny was the Director of Marketing for Amega Scientific Corporation. A marketing executive with over 10 years of experience in creative concept development and design...

  • Anthony Amato II
    Product Development Manager

    Mr. Amato is responsible for the organization strategies through the effective direction and management of resources, while being accountable for the business strategies..

  • Dana O’Kane
    Digital Marketing Manager

    Ms. O'Kane is responsible for developing innovative marketing and branding strategies that increase revenue, drive brand awareness, and solidify customer relationships..

  • Scott Aldrich
    Scientific Advisor

    Mr. Aldrich has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for forty years. His passion is the application of materials science methods for the identification of particulate matter..

  • Michael Winton

    Mr. Winton is a private equity professional and middle market CFO with more than 12 years of finance, investment banking, and corporate strategy experience..

market potential

The vast majority of recalls are injectable drugs. Recalled due to the presence of particulate matter. These particles could be natural growths such as mold, or man made materials, like glass or rubber.