Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine Recall

15 million Johnson & Johnson vaccines ruined from a manufacturer in Baltimore. These vaccines were scheduled to be delivered within the next month; but quality control is now being questioned. At the manufacturer—Emergent BioSolutions, they mixed up the ingredients for the J&J single-dose vaccine with a different COVID-19 vaccine that was being produced in the lab weeks prior. Millions of dollars were wasted on creating these defective doses.

With InQuest Science’s Identifier Software, quality control mistakes could have been prevented. The Identifier system will significantly improve informed product acceptance or rejection decisions. This expert system is the first to fill the defect monitoring gap across the visual inspection, particulate and physical defect control lifecycle of sterile products and devices.

It is noted that this error does not affect any of the current vaccines that are being administered to patients because those vaccines came from the Netherlands. Although, there is a major impact on the future vaccines that will be administered. Experts will be sent to the facility to oversee all product manufacturing for future deployments.

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are still being administered as planned, in addition to 24 million Johnson & Johnson shots that came from other manufactures. The goal of delivering 100 million J&J shots by end of June still remains. Read more on The New York Post

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