What to Expect from A Remote Inspection

COVID-19 created many changes in the world today.  We had to alter our daily routines, within work, home and social life.  The pharmaceutical industry had to work hard in this situation by staying safe, but moving fast.

Remote inspection was one of the greatest differences made during the pandemic.  The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry plan on keeping remote inspection as part of their new routine.  In preparation for remote inspection, both the FDA and pharmaceutical companies need to alter their use of technology within inspections.  Manufacturing companies are pushed to educate their staff on GMP regulations and requirements, develop audit plans, as well as understand all needs and information prior to inspection.

Due to the national emergency, regulations needed to change for manufacturing companies; pushing these companies to alter their workflow.  It was expected that the process would take additional time to allow room for adjustment.  Inspectors will require that all documents are scanned or imported through an electronic document.  A video meeting is necessary, so the inspectors could ask questions and see the products that were documented.

InQuest Science’s Identifier Software will help with the remote inspections by easily imputing all data and photos from inspections into the system—this helps them from excluding the video meetings to view the products.  Data is saved in the cloud for each individual manufacturing company.  Data can be easily exported as PDF and printed.  This will help with the remote inspection, due to everything being managed in one electronic platform.

To learn more about remote inspection, read the full article published by Pharmaceuticalonline.com

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