The Cloud Benefits Life Science

The cloud is an on-demand accessible computer network hosted on the internet that stores data and allows easy access for collaboration. Due to current events, moving to the cloud has helped a lot of companies keep track of  their data in one location.  It held a lot of value when job locations were compelled to work from home—this transition became beneficial for the daily workday.

The pandemic forced companies to alter the way they work in order to be successful throughout the crisis.  This digital transformation made collaborating within the company, as well as outside companies, simpler. Using the cloud is an urgent trend to follow.  Companies that follow this trend are already in the lead with New Science revolution.  They prove that they are adaptable to change, willing to learn something new and are putting their patients’ needs first. For life science companies, the cloud will benefit with unlocking data and leading them to create better engagement with patients and healthcare workers.

59% of life science companies are taking a hybrid approach to using the cloud.  Going to the cloud will not only help in the lab, but will benefit with the growth of the company.  Using this computational-based resource will help patients manager their illness from home, keeping the environment a safe and healthier place.  Patients and labs capture their data information and it is stored on the cloud for easy access.“Cloud isn’t some future aspiration—it’s an urgent mandate at the heart of the business. COVID-19 has created an unprecedented wake-up call and an opportunity to embrace the promise of cloud in life sciences."

InQuest Science’s Identifier Software is aiming to live on the cloud for easier access within all parties.  This will be the new cutting-edge software that will only improve the life science manufactures.

Read the full article published by Accenture to learn more. 

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