Robotics, Isolators & Restricted Access Barrier Systems

Aseptic Process is the process for manufacturing sterile products where microbiological contaminants could not enter the production area or surface of the product.  It is challenging for pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure that the product they are handling will have absolutely no contaminants—especially if involving parenteral drugs.

To isolate human contamination, it is beneficial to use this aseptic barrier system—this eliminates the need for aseptic intervention. Advanced Aseptic Processing uses automated technology and robots to eliminate physical contact with a product.  This gives full control to the way the machine operates in creating a product.  Leaving less room for human error and defects.  In addition, this process is used to protect products from contamination.

Aseptic manufacturing is a highly repetitive activity with constant reproducibility to create high-quality products.  Robots are beneficial to create a highly accurate and repeatable workflow where they can work in any environment without being affected.  This works so well because of  the flexibility the machine gives manufactures—helping them better their products.

Using robots for manufacturing makes filling out paperwork difficult.  With InQuest Science’s Identifier Software, we are introducing an all-digital data tracking platform that is cloud-based to hold unlimited storage.  This program will help both humans and robots better their workflow and data tracking online.

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