Innovation Begins with a Problem

Dr. Thomas Ingallinera from Pharmaceuticals International Inc. has a motto, “challenges frame opportunities”.  This motto supports many situations within the pharmaceutical industries as well as others.  When companies face issues, that is when they decide that they need to make changes and updates.  This system is not always the best, because when a problem occurs, it takes a lot longer to resolve. Issues in the manufacturing industry, enforces for new resolutions that break away from “experiences”.  New solutions are needed when issues occur in this industry.

InQuest Science noticed data issues that happen frequently in the manufacturing industry—with no plans of resolution.  Paper based data is hard to keep track of in this industry today.  This challenge framed the opportunity to help manufacturing companies reduce the number of recalls.  With InQuest Science’s Identifier Software, all information is entered into a cloud-based data-tracking system, tracking and tracing of all drug products being inspected with each specific inspector.  Data cannot be altered or falsified, data is double-checked by a supervisor, leaving mistakes to a minimum—all leading to reduce the amount of recalls in the parenteral drug industry.

It is stated that “innovation is problem solving”.  InQuest Science’s goal is to solve most issues with the inspection process of parenteral drugs.  Our software is used to ensure improving workflow, storing unlimited data and saving time/ money for manufactures.  We noticed an issue that is difficult and time consuming to fix; therefore, we created this software for manufactures before paper-based data tracking is unusable.

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