First FDA- Approved Injectable Weight-Loss Drug

Obesity researches just created a ‘Game-Changer’ weight loss drug that has been approved by the FDA.  This is the first FDA-approved weight-loss drug since 2014.  This drug is not an entirely new medication; it has been used in the US and other countries as an anti-diabetic medication.  In research, it has shown that this drug—semaglutide—has been an effective appetite-suppressant when given at different dosages.

In this testing, it included almost 2,000 obese adults from 16 different countries.  It was reported that within the time frame of the medication given, the medication led to an average of almost 15 percent weight loss.  30 percent of the group lost 20 percent of their body weight.  This injectable drug is not comparable to other weight loss drugs in the market.  It replaces the need for surgery—both now give off same end result.

This therapy comes in a form of a weekly injection.  It delivers a hormone that makes consumers feel full, leading patients to eat less. Three quarters of the US aged from 20+ are obese or overweight.  It is hopeful that this new drug could help patients regulate their weight and food intake. This drug has given major results that no other weight loss drug could compare to.

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