Mr. Aldrich has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for forty years, with positions in Upjohn, Pharmacia, Pharmacia & Upjohn and Pfizer. Scott received his BS in Microbiology from Western Michigan University and trained with McCrone Research Institute, Chicago IL. He has developed and implemented microanalytical investigative processes in support of product improvement and formulation stability projects. Scott developed the legacy Upjohn system of Trace Analysis for particulate matter microanalyses and harmonized Pfizer global particulate matter control efforts. All pharmaceutical dosage forms, devices, packages and vendor processes were included in this responsibility. His current publication is the technical book titled “Visual Inspection and Particulate Control” 2016, Davis Healthcare International Publishing. For the last eight years, he has been the principal consultant for Ultramikro, LLC which provides particulate matter control investigation and microanalytical training for personnel in the pharmaceutical, instrument and food industries. His passion is the application of materials science methods for the identification of particulate matter. Scott has published and presented his work in the field of visual inspection, microanalysis and spectroscopic analyses. He served on the USP Parenteral Products – Industrial 2005-2010 expert committee, and is currently a member of the USP Dosage Forms 2010-2015 EC. Scott has designed and presented particle determination teaching modules for USP Pharmacopeial Education, and is an active member of PDA, AAPS, ACS and various microscopical societies.

Scientific Advisor