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Sagent Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Issues Nationwide Recall

November 19, 2021, Sagent Pharma announces a voluntary nationwide recall of Levetiracetam Injection.  Four lots of Levetiracetam was recalled due to the lack of a sterile product.  Issues pertaining to container closure integrity was brought to attention when found in reserve sample vials.  Sagent Pharmaceuticals did not follow USP suggested guidelines for container closure integrity—distributing…
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Particulate Identification

In USP <1790> it focuses on detecting and removing units of visible particles; in addition, it promotes the need of preventing particulate contamination—which only comes from identifying the particle.  Most pharmaceuticals require an understanding of particulate matter contamination.  The ability to identify and characterize a particle is extremely beneficial with improving products within the development…
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Controlling for Particulate Matter in Injectable Drug Products

Ever since the development of the earliest intravenous therapies, the presence of particulate matter in injectable drug products has been a concern among clinicians. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of drug product recalls due to the presence of particulate matter. These recalls are actions taken by a company to remove…
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