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Starting your Sterile Injectables Program off on the Right Foot

Injectable drug products need to have an extreme and successful sterile fill to finish. How do you ensure your manufacturers obtain the highest level of operational and quality excellence? Manufacturing environments must be tightly controlled—especially due to the increase in demand of sterile injectables. Qualifying every part of the product leading up to the final…
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Overcoming the Challenges of Small Batch Production

Focusing on a targeted group of patients and trials has led to more small batch productions throughout the industry. These products are often expensive and very limited within the pharmaceutical industries. When having a limited amount of product for manufacturing, issues and rejects must be near zero. Although, product loss is unavoidable—most product loss is…
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Breaking Through Glass Ceiling of Pharmaceutical Packaging

The creation of intravenous solutions, has led the standard practice of using glass for packaging.  Having a glass package for parenteral drugs has been tested and studied in the biopharma industry, giving reasoning to why having glass containers are currently the best solution for parenteral packaging.  Although, it may seem like the “best” solution as…
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